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Redefining Product Support in the Financial Software Industry

As the financial tech landscape evolved, a leading software developer faced a pivotal challenge: the rapid increase in demand for self-service financial software surpassed their capacity for hiring and delivering consistent product support.

This pioneer in financial software development grappled with the limitations of its current support infrastructure. Seeking innovative solutions, the developer aimed to meet customer needs efficiently while also circumventing the significant time and costs associated with hiring. They knew a solution was needed before the peak times of personal tax filing and corporate returns season arrived.


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Recognizing the need for change, the company initiated a strategic revamp of its product support services. The objective was to transform the user experience with improved, efficient and effective customer service all facilitated remotely.

Norgress introduced a strategic approach, implementing a remote support model that blended technical expertise with personalized service. This method was designed to address customer queries thoroughly and satisfactorily, maintaining (and at time surpassing) the quality of the in-house service.


Operating remotely, Norgress assembled a team of skilled contractors from across Canada, dedicated to revolutionizing the traditional support framework. With advanced communication tools and deep knowledge of the client's product, the team skillfully managed a range of customer inquiries, making every customer feel valued and supported.


The partnership achieved:

  • A significant decrease in customer wait times, making the resolution process more efficient.

  • Outstanding customer satisfaction scores, with Norgress team frequently achieving NPS® of 9 and 10. Thus highlighting the quality and impact of the support provided.

  • Increased customer loyalty for the software, thanks to reliable and accessible service.

The Norgress Effect

Norgress demonstrated exceptional proficiency in managing comprehensive customer interactions, setting a high standard in remote support services. The firm’s approach not only navigated the pressing challenges with agility but also redefined excellence in customer service. By opting for Norgress's remote support, the client realized a faster and more cost-effective solution compared to the traditional model of hiring and training internal staff. This strategy ensured that the level of expertise and responsiveness matched, if not surpassed, that of in-house teams.

Moreover, Norgress’s welcomed scalability and flexibility, allowing the client to adjust quickly to fluctuating demand, particularly during critical periods like pre- and post-tax season. The client's embrace of virtual support eliminated geographical constraints, tapping into a broader talent pool, which resulted in faster problem resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction.

In essence, the Norgress effect embodies a strategic synergy of cost efficiency, operational agility and service excellence, proving that innovative remote support can be a game-changer in the competitive landscape of financial software services.


The collaboration in the financial software sector demonstrated how Norgress's innovative solutions could transform product support standards. By integrating technology with a personal approach, Norgress met the essential needs of software users and improved the overall customer experience, affirming its position as a leader in business innovation.


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