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Empowering businesses through technology.

Norgress Technologies Corp. is a Canadian technology company that leverages best-in-class solutions to assist both solo entrepreneurs and established companies with launching new ventures, improving operations, increasing revenue, and more.

Since 2017

Since our inception in 2017, we've honed our approach to blend strategic insight with creative foresight. Norgress works to turn complex challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. We do more than consult — we construct  market leaders. 


Our journey has seen us empower a diverse range of clients, from small entrepreneurs to large corporations, understanding their unique needs and cultivating a collaborative environment that fosters innovative thinking and sustainable success.


Through a blend of analytical rigor and entrepreneurial spirit, we tailor solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, equipping our clients to lead in their respective fields. At Norgress, we don’t just adapt to change; we drive it, leveraging our experience and expertise to build thriving businesses and reshape industries.

Hello there 👋

I’m Joshua, founder of Norgress Technologies Corp.

My business journey began in 2017 when I left my university IT program and founded Norgress. A unique opportunity to contract for a major software developer presented itself, but there was a catch — it was only open to businesses. Driven by this opportunity, I withdrew $500 from my savings, registered the company, submitted a proposal and was successful. This experience marked my first foray into the business world (and I loved it!). I was soon inspired to further my education and skillset, and returned to academia, earning a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a master's degree in Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Over the years, Norgress has become a cornerstone for many, using technology to support daring entrepreneurs and ambitious companies. We've helped them launch new ventures, streamline operations, save money and boost revenues. Today, when I'm not at the helm of Norgress, I am imparting my knowledge and experiences to the next generation of entrepreneurs as a faculty member at the JR Shaw School of Business at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Driven by a mission to support entrepreneurs and the business ecosystem, I am eager to help you achieve your goals. Feel free to connect with me!

Honestly, what we do is second to none.

Increase your revenues

Expand revenue streams through targeted market and customer engagement strategies.

Cut your operating costs

Reduce operating expenses through the use of streamlined processes and innovative solutions.

Launch your new ventures

Seamlessly initiate and grow your new business ventures with expert support and tailored strategies.

Build competitive advantages

Stay ahead of industry trends with access to cutting-edge tools and strategic insights.

Boost your productivity

Enhance productivity and service speed with optimized business operations.

Accelerate your market entry

Quickly penetrate new markets with expert guidance and tailored strategies.

Scale your businesses

row smoothly and efficiently with scalable solutions that match your business expansion.

Running our mobile tire service efficiently and keeping costs down is crucial for us. Partnering with Norgress for our initial market launch was a game-changer. Their expert guidance helped us hit the ground running right from the start, and their operational insights have significantly lowered our costs and boosted our efficiency.



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