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Partner Policy

Norgress Technologies Corp. is committed to fostering ethical, mutually beneficial partnerships. This policy outlines our principles and expectations for third-party partners.

At Norgress Technologies Corp. ("Norgress", "we" or "us"), we value our partnerships and are committed to maintaining strong, ethical relationships built on mutual trust and respect. This Partner Policy outlines the principles and expectations that govern our interactions with partners.

1. Definition of Partners 

For the purposes of this policy, "partners" refers to any third-party companies, organizations, or individuals that have a formal business relationship with Norgress, including but not limited to resellers, distributors, vendors, suppliers, consultants, and service providers.

2. Partner Selection 

We carefully evaluate and select our partners based on their reputation, expertise, commitment to ethical business practices, and ability to provide quality products, services, or solutions that align with our standards and values.

3. Due Diligence 

We conduct appropriate due diligence on prospective partners to ensure they meet our requirements related to legal compliance, financial stability, information security practices, and other relevant criteria.

4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations 

Partners must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards in the jurisdictions where they operate, including but not limited to those related to anti-corruption, anti-bribery, antitrust, data protection, and intellectual property rights.

5. Code of Conduct 

Partners are expected to adhere to Norgress' Code of Conduct, which outlines our expectations regarding ethical behavior, human rights, labor practices, environmental responsibility, and other areas of corporate social responsibility.

6. Confidentiality and Data Protection 

Partners must maintain the confidentiality of Norgress' proprietary information and protect the privacy and security of any personal data or confidential information shared during the course of the partnership.

7. Intellectual Property 

Partners must respect Norgress' intellectual property rights and use our trademarks, logos, and other protected materials only as authorized and in accordance with our branding guidelines.

8. Conflicts of Interest 

Partners must disclose any potential conflicts of interest to Norgress and take appropriate steps to resolve or mitigate such conflicts.

9. Quality and Performance 

Partners are expected to provide high-quality products, services, or solutions that meet or exceed Norgress' standards and the agreed-upon specifications, service levels, and performance metrics Partners may not subcontract or assign any part of their responsibilities to Norgress without our prior written consent.

10. Audits and Monitoring 

Norgress reserves the right to audit and monitor partners' compliance with this Partner Policy and any applicable agreements or contracts.

11. Termination 

Norgress may terminate a partnership for any material breach of this Partner Policy, our agreements, or for any other reasonable cause.

12. Raising Concerns 

Partners are encouraged to report any suspected violations of this policy or other ethical concerns through Norgress' established reporting channels.

13. Policy Updates 

Norgress may update this Partner Policy from time to time, and partners are expected to comply with the most current version.

By entering into a partnership with Norgress, partners acknowledge and agree to comply with this Partner Policy and any supplemental policies or guidelines provided by Norgress.

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