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We're here 24/7.  Call  1-888-505-5681

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Imagine never missing a customer again. With Norgress, you can say goodbye toe juggling phone calls, sifting through endless chats or scrambling for answers to your customer's questions. Your customer support team will handle it all for you.

Outsourced Support

Here's why it works.




We serve your customers 24 hours a day.

Available 24/7

Customized scripts

Customize your greeting and call handling.


High response rate

Your customers are served in under 30 seconds.

Assist your customers when they actually need it.

No more voicemails

Real people answering each call.

Serve every lead,
and win more business.

Extend your business's services hours with 24/7 call answering by human representatives.

Call Answering

Engage and provide your customers with a modern support tool on your business website.

Chat Bots

Let us handling your appointment scheduling. Booking clients directly into your calendar.


Get instant call and chat notifications with detailed lead information sent to your inbox or service calendar.

North American-based 

All our North American-based customer service specialists operate from either our call center or a distraction-free home settings.

Fostering a harmonious work-life balance that translates into happier, more focused support for you.

Fully Customized for
Your Business

Our answering service is fully customizable to fit the unique needs of your business. We adapt to your specific requirements.

Ensuring that every call is handled in a way that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Book a demo of our solutions.

Your time is valuable, and at Norgress, we understand the importance of efficiency in business.


Our comprehensive suite of digital marketing, design and customer support solutions are designed to streamline your operations and enhance your small business's presence. 

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