Fueled by passion,
driven by talent.

Norgress Technologies Corp. (aka Norgress) is a independent technology company that is creating unique brands that aim to connect with people and challenge the status quo. Our brands operate across areas such as business development, marketing and entertainment.

We are Norgress.


Founded in 2017 in beautiful  Alberta, Canada


Powered by global teams working remotely.


Everyday we grow through our constant tackling of new ideas and challenges. We believe that we can always find unique and innovative ways to achieve our visions.


Our mountain logo embodies our corporate identity. It represents our upward journey, respect for nature and high outlook, but more importantly, it symbolizes the challenges we aim to overcome. 


Norgress is a free-spirited and unconventional startup. 

For what we lack in size, we make up for in passion. In the nearly half-a-decade of its existence, Norgress has been on a mission to help change business for good by creating brands that are founded with a human-first approach. 

Joshua Littlejohn

Founder & CEO of Norgress

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